Cowlazars Front Truck

The Hunt is On......

There is fame, fortune and gold out there waiting to be found... can you put together the clues and solve these treasure hunts?

The Forrest Fenn marathon!

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Forrest Fenn's The Thrill Of The Chase


Forrest Fenn hid a treasure somewhere in the mountians north of Santa Fe, New Mexico worth over 1 million dollars.  If You can solve the clues in his poem, the treasure is yours.

Cow Secret

The Secret-A Treasure Hunt


Byron  Preiss hid 12 treasures in 12 cities across the Unites States. Two have been found.. ten are waiting.

Cowlazars Grand Adventure :The Coins

An Adventure of another kind........

Fandango Key To The Wind


There is a key hidden on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Cowlazars Beacon Star

The Beacon Star Treasure Hunt


A very interesting book with a prize of $5000 and a gold coin waiting to be found...